Manager and his worker review work done on ship repair

Together we can make a greater impact

Since the maritime industry is complex with significant infrastructure requirements we know how hard it can be to enter and compete within the industry. Oftentimes, business operators and leaders get bogged down with the varied aspects of running the business. They may struggle with not having enough time and focus for each aspect of the business or even lose sight of why they entered the industry in the first place.

Our hands-on experience provides a deep understanding of the opportunities and challenges that come with working in the maritime industry. We are fortunate that our scale and knowledge allows us to invest in resources and facilities. Teaming with S23 gives you access to these resources and provides confidence with a road map for success.

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Jorge Rivera - President, CEO and founder of S23

Leading by example

Jorge Rivera is the President, CEO and founder of S23. After getting his start at ship repair companies in Hampton Roads, Virginia, the Puerto Rico native formed ECR out of the back of his pick-up truck in 1999 with a $5,000 loan from a friend. He has experienced many achievements since then and decided to create S23 in 2019 to help other hard workers and small companies realize their dreams. Rivera’s background has inspired his passion for potential and investing in the future.

waterfront property for ship repair or heavy industrial fabrication

Offering Value That Matters

S23 Holdings is an ethical company that believes in being honest, truthful, transparent and straight-forward with our employees, customers and affiliates. Because workforce development is one of our guiding principles, we are currently in the process of investing $64.4 million to build a facility in Hampton Roads’ Southeast Community that will provide 332 new skilled jobs, a training center and a new home for our affiliates and partners.

Ship Repair at Opportunity Zone

Resources to Help Your
Business Succeed

  • Industry Mentorship and Advice
  • Operations Support
  • Processes and Procedures

At S23, our mentors know the business inside and out. We have accumulated many best practices along the way and offer real-world answers to your questions. In addition to mentorship, the S23 system enables access to guidance in areas including human resources, quality assurance, safety, purchasing, warehouse, shops, facilities and more.