The Value of Giving Back

S23 Holdings and their partners are committed to their communities through charitable contributions and volunteerism. CEO Jorge Rivera started his first company to assist his mother, a social worker, with funding a school for children with physical and cognitive disabilities. Since then, it has always been a core value to reach out and offer support to those in need.

Below you can see some of the wonderful organizations that the S23 team has the privilege to support.

Group of Girls looks happy

Boys & Girls Clubs of The Southside, Virginia Peninsula, and Southeast Virginia

Boys and Girls Clubs help children succeed by providing safe environments; health, academic, and leadership programs; and advisors who motivate at-risk youth toward success. Local clubs welcome children into inspiring facilities staffed with both professionals and volunteer mentors during out-of-school hours.

Orphaned group with grocery items

Orphan Helpers

Orphan Helpers aims to assist orphaned, incarcerated, abused, or neglected children in El Salvador and Honduras through the Success Academy program that motivates them to develop a life plan and purpose. Offered in government-run orphanages and juvenile detention centers, the initiative involves providing life skills, leadership training, spiritual studies, and vocational workshops.

religious organization that works to foster Christian values


HIS1040 Inc. is a religious organization that works to foster Christian values in often unreachable countries and empower native missionaries that spread the word and work of God.