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Auxiliary Systems, Inc

Auxiliary Systems, Inc. (ASI) is a small business that was founded in 1990 with its origins as a feedwater provider to the US Navy. Over the years, ASI has undergone significant evolution, transitioning from its initial focus to becoming a diversified repair contractor. The company specializes in depot level repairs, demonstrating expertise in the maintenance and repair of various equipment crucial to naval operations.

Core Specializations:
  • Rotating Machinery: ASI excels in the repair of rotating machinery, showcasing competence in addressing the intricate needs of such critical components.
  • Pumps: The company is proficient in the repair of pumps, ensuring the proper functioning of essential systems on naval vessels.
  • Condensers: ASI has the capability to repair condensers, crucial for the efficient operation of marine propulsion and power systems.
  • Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Units: Specialized in the maintenance and repair of air conditioning and refrigeration units, contributing to the comfort and functionality of naval vessels.
  • Electric Motors: ASI has extensive expertise in rewinding electric motors, vital for various applications on ships.
  • Electrical and Mechanical Equipment: The company possesses the know-how to handle a broad range of electrical and mechanical equipment, showcasing versatility in its repair capabilities.

Infrastructure: ASI has established a comprehensive infrastructure modeled after the Navy's Shore Intermediate Maintenance Activity process (SIMA). The company comprises multiple shops, each dedicated to specific functions, including an Inside Machine Shop, Electric Motor Shop, Pump Shop, AC&R Shop, Weld/Pipe Shop, Flush Shop, and Sheet Metal Shop.

Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Solutions: In addition to repair services, ASI offers turnkey manufacturing and remanufacturing solutions for both marine and commercial applications. The company boasts three proprietary brands of products: Sound Attenuated Enclosures, UL 142 Fuel Tanks, and Packaged Product Systems.

Customer Base: ASI takes pride in being a responsive and versatile one-stop-shop repair solution innovator. Its maritime customers include the US Navy, Military Sealift Command, NAVSUP, NSWC, NOAA, US Coast Guard, and various shipyards. This diverse customer base underscores ASI's ability to meet the needs of different branches of the military and maritime organizations.

In summary, Auxiliary Systems, Inc. as grown from its humble beginnings as a feedwater provider to a well-established and diversified repair contractor with a strong focus on depot level repairs for a wide range of naval equipment. The company's commitment to innovation and responsiveness positions it as a key player in providing crucial services to the maritime, military, and commercial sectors.

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